A Rendition of Finding Peace In Prayer…

If I could describe it…
I would say that the peace of God is sure.
It is like a large stone that sits on my heart,
its weight cannot be mistaken nor be obscure.
Yet, it is as light as a feather as it rests inside my heart.
Never seizing to depart, it settles like a balm soothing my soul.
Indeed, in His presence I find peace!
In the throne room of the King of kings I find strength.

I will seek His face before the last night watch breaks away.
I will think of His lovingkindness in the dawn of the day.
At night I will lift my voice to His everlasting Name.
In His presence there is reassuring peace and trouble flees.
The Saints find peace as their prayers lift up to the throne of the Most High God.

image credit: http://shewalksonwater.weebly.com/soliloquy/kissing-his-feet