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The Kitchen of My Dreams

The Kitchen of My Dreams That Will Become My Reality

If you know me, you would know that I love white & gold furniture; back in 2016 I saw a picture of this kitchen and it was love at first sight… sort of like discovering or trying on the wedding dress of your dreams! I then did some extra research and discovered it was originally designed by the talented Laura Burleson. Now, what mainly drew me in was the white and gold stove & hood which I feel is the heart and beauty of this kitchen; it’s no ordinary stove! It’s called the La Cornue CornuFé 110 (details here). The other main features are the marble walls/counter tops, the 2 islands and a breakfast nook. When I make this kitchen my reality, the only things I will change are the floors, hanging lights, breakfast nook and the bar stools. Finally, check it out and enjoy x

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  1. Beautiful

  2. It’s a lovely kitchen, I truly enjoy the antique feel!!

  3. its such a beauty

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