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Testimony of God's Favour

Testimony of God’s Favour!

Can my life get anymore busier? 😁
A few weeks ago around 12am I had an unmistakable urgency within my spirit and heart to look at Fashion degrees. I eventually got out of bed and started making a UCAS application and also looking at universities till the early morning hours. I saw a few universities that had what I need but there was 1 uni with the PERFECT fashion degree with all the skills and knowledge I lacked! It was a BA(hons) in Fashion.

Now the only problem was that I didn’t have the qualifications to get on it. You see for me fashion designing and sewing is purely a gift that runs from great grand father from my mother’s side. My grandmother was a self taught seamstress by gift, including most of my mum’s sisters and this is how I got the creative side of making clothes. I have also studied fashion in school back in Zim as a school subject but not on an academic level that is recognised enough in the UK to get you on a university degree. Therefore, in order for to get on this BA(hons) degree, I needed college fashion certificates and other qualifications that I didn’t have. So, I applied for a lower degree that included Art with Fashion and had more years of study.
When I called up the university to do my application, they asked me to send them a fashion portfolio and I did. My fashion portfolio was an 8 page PDF file that I put together in about 3hrs. Some days later I checked my application and i saw that they had changed the degree I applied for (the one with ART) and put me on the one I wasn’t qualified for, the Bachelor Honours Degree that others have gone to college to study for 2+ yrs! When I saw that I had to contact the university to see if they had made an error but they told me that the tutor said that my fashion portfolio was outstanding! 😱
I got on this purely by favour because I didn’t deserve it! I’m so grateful to the uni, tutors and God! You see, God’s favour can make you work for 3hours whilst others need to work for 3 years. Later that day, the Holy Spirit spoke to me saying “The Lord has given you the desire of your heart”. I suddenly had such great peace after that and knew that I had entered a new realm in the LORD; a realm of answered desires of the heart.

In the past I’ve studied Business/Finance related courses (a diploma in Business Accounting and then an HND in Business & Finance) in a college environment but I’m so Happy to finally study something that I LOVE and am actually interested in learning in a university environment!  Though I already have a fashion line out now, to me this is more than a piece of paper on graduation day because studying this not only aligns me but also earns me via every class session – the depth, knowledge and academic skills I lacked for where I needed to go as a fashion designer. There is a bigger Picture…plus, I get to dress up to class lectures without anyone questioning me on why I’m always so dressed up (they did at my job) because I’m now a fashion student darling (flips my wig hair) 😁💃🏽
On a more serious note, if you’re reading this, be Encouraged and Rise Up in this new month of Order. What do you desire? God will do the rest for you, don’t worry; you just Arise! In this new month of October we are being aligned and order is prevailing in areas of our lives, therefore, rise up and don’t let this wind of God pass you by because of fear!

God bless you
Dephne x

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  1. MsMichelle

    Thank you for sharing your testimony! I needed this for confirmation as I am in the process of relocating to another state. May God continue to Bless you in your future endeavors. We appreciate all your wonderful words of wisdom as we walk in Jesus name. Amen!

  2. What an amazing and encouraging testimony! Praise God and Congratulations Dephne!!!
    The favour of God surrounds you like a shield.
    I pray you excel in all your studies as you’re the head and not the tail.
    God bless you sis.

  3. awesome!!! congrats. May the Lord of Heaven and Earth continue blessing you in this journey

  4. Frieda Matheus

    wow amen, praise Jesus. thank you Lord

  5. Wonderful Testimony. Congratulations

  6. Natasha C

    Thank you so much for this message Ms. Dephne. This divine message was right on time for me. My birthday is on October 8 and I’m a college student too. God bless you!


  7. Lebogang

    Amen!!! I m encouraged and really happy for you.

  8. Florence

    Wonderful testimony. Only Jesus does this. God bless you for being such an inspiration.

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