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Stop Slavery In Libya: 4 Ways You Can Help! - Dephne Madyara

Stop Slavery In Libya: 4 Ways You Can Help!

Black migrants and refugees who are seeking safety from their neighbouring countries are ending up being sold as slaves in Libya for as little as £300. Think about it, a human life being sold for an average 3 to 5-day wage! It’s so devastating in this day and age that Slavery is still firmly rooted underneath the surfaces of general public visibility and global insight. Slavery is still rearing it’s ugly head up and being used to control families, masses, countries by those in power.

Moreover, it breaks my heart to discover that our tax money here in England is part of the EU taxpayers money (see here) being used to enforce security policies violating human rights and improve migration management but yet these measures are clearly not being appropriately used! A total of €90 million of taxpayers money was pledged for this but clearly there is no evidence of proper policies in place but rather implications of Taxpayers funding the Slave-trade markets and agenda through bribery, corruption and the likes. Governments are quiet about this; I have many questions and you probably do too? However, what  can we do to raise awareness together?

1) You can Pray. Intercede for the poor, those in jails about to be sold as slaves, those being raped, beaten and killed, their families and loved ones. Your prayers could save a life and bring change more than you realise.

2) Contacting the United Nations ambassador to enforce a means to influence change by putting pressure on them through your message. The more people who contact them the better! EU ambassadorUSA ambassador or See list of ambassadors for your country here & contact directly.

3) Share pictures about the Slavery in Libya, your concerns, your actions of help etc on your social media platforms to raise awareness to reach as many people as possible. Many people are still not aware of these things and knowledge is a powerful tool that can bring change through unity of minds.

4) Donate to a genuine organisation that is working against human trafficking and the slave trade market in Libya along with other issues such as Poverty which is the main root-cause of such agendas. I use and advocate for SAVE THE CHILDREN and OXFAM. Others that are closely working against this evil are  WFP, Kintera Org and Free The Slaves

Thank you

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  1. Dephne thank you for giving us these practical ways to help, as we pray. I have just submitted my letter.

  2. Tanika Lowery

    Amen sister Dephne! The Lord has placed the burden on my heart to pray for those that are being enslaved, oppresed, and jailed. This is so heartbreaking. Thank you again for sharing! Stay blessed!

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