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Premier Digital Awards 2017 – I Won Vlogger of The Year! - Dephne Madyara

Premier Digital Awards 2017 – I Won Vlogger of The Year!

I’m not sure how I was nominated but I was so delighted when I found out I was nominated a few weeks ago! If you’re in the UK you may be very familiar with Premier, more so Premier Christian, one of the biggest Christian Media Group in the UK! The award show was on Saturday 4 Nov, which I couldn’t attend due to a family event & party on the exact same day!

4 November 2017 – at family event & party

I actually found out I was the winner a few days before the actual event because I wasn’t going to be able to make it, they told me in advance so that “a thank you video” could be improvised and used for the announcement. When they first told me i was the winner, I literally cried which surprised me as the tears rolled down 😄😆 because I rarely cry unless I’m in prayer or worship. I cried because it was like was being patted on my back and the Lord saying “you are doing alright Dephne, keep it up”. Doing YouTube is not a hobby or for fun but I am working for my Father, I never expect applauses or prizes so this was veeery comforting and Premier will never know how much this meant to me! I also knew in my spirit that this was a seed of more to come!

This category wasn’t nominated or chosen by public voting, so I’m humbled to have been selected by the 5 judges who picked the winner; amoung other talented & gifted vloggers doing wonderful things.
I’m happy to finally share that I’m the VLOGGER OF THE YEAR 🇬🇧 uk 😁🤗😜💃🏽. See the full list of winners here –

Thank you for liking, sharing and watching my videos I couldn’t have won this without you! Love you x

The Smile of A Winner 😬

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  1. Congratulations Dephne Madyara🎊!! Your ministry has definitely been a blessing. I appreciate how you lead by example showing young girls, and women that they can love God, and not be ashamed. May the Lord continue to move through you to do His will!

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