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Incorruptible Beauty - the book

Incorruptible Beauty – introducing my latest book + Winners of Giveaway

Firstly, welcome to my new website!

As of my birthday, I started a fresh new website and journey, I look forward to sharing with you fragments of my life from travel, life events, fashion to faith exhortations; so make sure you sign up to get the latest posts & updates straight to your inbox!

Today, I wanted to introduce my latest book which I’ve probably spoken about for the past 6 months if you follow me on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram. I originally wrote this book between 2011 and 2012 and released it in mid 2012 for the body of Christ. However, in December 2016 the Lord wanted me to revisit it and add more meat to it. I feel that I have matured as an author from who I was in 2012 and enjoyed revisiting this book because the Spirit of LORD certainly moved and gave me the words He needed me to add to it. I can say that it is 40% new material from the first release. You can read a free sample of Chapter 2 from this book –> Incorruptible Beauty – book sample. I’m so excited to see lives transformed and producing a harvest of righteousness for the glory of God but most importantly for eyes to be opened to who each reader is in Christ. This book is now available on Amazon, Kindle & iBooks! (click links).

This book is written to the Body of Christ giving biblical insight to what a man is, his role on this earth whilst looking at his creation process and subjects such as working, marriage and more. Likewise, it speaks about what a woman is and her role on earth, why God created her the way she is whilst looking at subjects like womanhood, wifehood and being a female. The book further moves on to speak on relationships, dating vs courtship and how God’s plan of marriage fit into these kind of relationships. Moreover, it ministers about sex, soul ties, what happens to a woman during sex and what happens to a man during sex from a biblical perspective and a scientific perspective. Lastly, it covers on the spirit of Jezebel, Delilah and Athaliah; how to equip and discern these type of spirit in one’s own walk or those around you.

With that been said, I want to give away 7 paperback copies of this book to 7 people who need it. To enter for a chance to win a copy, all you need to do is tell me why you want a copy and also add your city & country location in the comment section below.

Thank you everyone for your comments I wish I could give everyone a copy but the winners are : Shanice, Vimbai.S,  Anne.R, Stephanie, Valerie, Jessie.R and Marquisha.C (please check your emails).

God bless x

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  1. Alberta Lewis

    Alberta Lewis
    SAN Francisco, CA

    I am excited for this opportunity to read your book because these are topics that I have strong feelings about but it is hard to find other Christians to discuss these topics with. These are subjects that should be taught and discussed in our churches today. It’s really going back to basics, learning about Father God’s plan for manhood and womanhood and not what the world has to say. The world’s voice is too loud. It’s God’s plan and it is wonderful. Thank You so much.

  2. You have been my greatest help for the last month of my life. I am now saved , have healthier hair and I am taking your framed wallpaper decor idea and using it in my new place🙌🏾😎. I appreciate all the information you share. I am grateful for the prayers you have prayed and the messages you have shared. They helped this sheep find her way home. For that my gratitude and support of you will remain for my lifetime. Thank you, May God continue to use , bless and elevate you and your family😃😃😃. Tash Ny, USA 🇺🇸

  3. Emerald Solomon

    Hey sis,

    I would love a copy of your book.
    Killeen/Ft. Hood Texas

    When In first came.upon your channel it was for hair care but probably about 4 or 5 years ago and I was so relieved bc our belief system is similar. Not just in Christ but in doxtrine and passion for purity obedience and the gospel. I was giggle when I see your vids come up bc they’re are power packed yet gentle spoken kick in the gut. You remind us of what so many believers choose to forget or forget bc were in the midst of warfare. I hope one day to connect with you personally..not for fun but bc the winter of your heart is pure and untainted. Love you sis and I’d love to share this book with well! Be encouraged

  4. Stephanie

    Hi Dephne!

    I discovered your YouTube page about 2 years ago. It was a hair video about how you were able to grow your hair so long over 3 years or so. The thing that grabbed my attention most was the fact that you PRAYED. After that I just couldn’t get enough of your channel. I immediately started getting into your videos on faith and spirituality, and to be honest you have been a big part of my journey of finding myself in Christ and Christ in me. I can’t thank you enough your videos and teachings; I have gained so much knowledge and wisdom on how to pray, fast, go about my relationships and so much more from them. I would be so grateful to be a winner of your book giveaway because I am a born again child of God still trying to find her way. I struggle everyday just trying to understand and walk in what God has called me to do, but the Lord is my strength. I just know that your book will give me some much needed guidance as a young woman who is trying to live right in a world that is so blinded. I’m really working hard on my self-esteem and confidence right now because I know that I have so much potential. I am ready to come out of my shell, make all of my potential a reality and start truly living. I am so grateful that I have great women like you to help show me the way. May God bless you for everything you do and continue to increase you!


    Stephanie (Alexandria, VA USA)

  5. Monica Armstrong

    Dephne I would be so greatful to have a copy of your book. Since my Mommie past away from colon cancer this past February 26th of this year; I have been struggling. I feel like a lone leaf blowing on the winds. If mot for my FAITH and HOPE in GOD; I don’t know where I’d be. My Mommie battle cancer for almost six years wirh such grace. I moved back home and was with her from diagnosis til death. I sat next to her bedside as she drew her last breath. I think because I was there so close; that of her four children; I’ve taken it t he hardest. I want to that you ger your “Pray for Favor” vlog. I was im an auto accident which totalled my cat and left mt with an injured right knee. I pray with you the night before I went to replace my car and the day morning of. Not only did I get another car, but GOD blessed me with a new 2017. Alsp, as I prayed, I asked to see him in tbe land of the living on that day. He revealed himself to throughout the car buying process and twice more before the dau ended. That was three times. I love him and I know he loves me. Thank you for being a messesger. Good luck to all and me too.

    • Monica Armstrong

      Dephne, please excuse all my typos. Crying while tying and not proofing is not advised. 🤗

  6. Tanaka

    Hey I would absolutely love this book because apart from the Bible I don’t read that often and I want to start reading and you’re book would be perfect for that. Another reason is that I struggle sometimes to study the Bible because I don’t know which topics to look at so I was hoping I could use Christian books to do like Devotionals. The last reason is that sometimes when I’m reading the Bible I struggle understanding interpretations and meanings but from reading the sample of the book you can explain thing in detail which I love. God Bless you sister, Amen.

    • Tanaka

      Sorry I forgot to put city and country
      Country- England

  7. Annerys Morales

    Hola Dephne,
    As I go through the process of totally surrendering my all to the Lord Jesus Christ . Your book would be a nugget of wisdom.
    Blessings xoxo

  8. Valerie

    Hi Dephne!

    Peace and Grace be multiplied to you in Jesus name.

    My name is Valerie. I am single mother of five children.. (ages 21,14,9,3 & my youngest is almost one… All girls but my 14year old)
    I am born again christian, but before I fully surrendered my life.. (My mind will and emotions) to the Lord.. I had all my children out of wedlock. Sadly this never dream for life.. I wanted to be married and all that good stuff..
    Growing up in a low income neighborhood & a very dysfunctional home; I had My first child at 16. I found I was pregnant at 15 just few months after meeting the baby’s father.. And a few ninja before turning 16We actually met while I was playing basketball with my church. I found out he was 22 with his own house, and car. I left after that first conversation but he still pursued me by asking my mother permission to date me. Sadly enough she said yes .. He became very abusive even coming to my high school with a gun and some more stuff he also took my virginity. It wasn’t till later.on.I found out he was drug dealer. And this was only the beginning. Of many problems.
    Now presently.. My youngest brother died last year. We were told by some random call he was dead at a motel!? Never got any real answers from police or autopsy reports.
    My other brother who caused lot of trouble for my now deceased brother and myself( by always hanging with the wrong people) is now in jail for some”attempted theft”.
    I have had a very hard life. That really got worse after my father died of terminal cancer at age 42.. I was only 18.. And needed him..
    All that I choose not think about all I do now I ask God for wisdom to keep my children from the life my siblings and I lived. There’s so much more to my life story but I wanted to share a little with you because I believe your book could help me with relationships, discernment and the knowledge I desire to help keep my children from our family’s awfully tragic history.. The path of drug abuse, emotional and physical abuse, sickness and early death..
    Also, I am currently out of work. Doctors are checking for an auto immune disorder like lupus. 2 years ago sepsis almost took my life but God is good he has delivered me from so much! Though now they are checking for cancer.. And while out of work I do not have transportation (my children’s father destroyed my first car.. And the second, the engine blew when someone attempted to steal it.) I can no longer seek out christian fellowship at churches or anywhere except online. Thank God for it. .. Also without working, I have very little money to purchase books I’m interested in learning from. So this is one reason I knew I just had to try to be a part of your book give away. 😊
    God bless you and your ministry.
    Thank you for spreading the hope and The Love of God to those who otherwise may never be reached. 💓

  9. Jessie Rene'

    Simply put, I’m just fed up with life and pain. I need a miracle. If this book can get me on the right track to hope and a new spiritual learning….then I’ll accept that.

  10. Hello Dephne! I would really love a copy of your book because I feel that it will help on my walk with Christ & in my everyday life by empowering me and also providing wisdom and insight from your perspective, combined with the word of God!

    Savannah, GA (USA)

  11. Chrystella Byers


    About 3 years ago I watched a video you made about how to grow your hair. You simply stated that you prayed. You also did hair was a woman’s crowning glory. I had been on a journey to submit my life to Christ’s will at the time I saw that video. It seemed that God wanted me to witness how He moved in your life. It’s really not about the hair. It is as expression of Christ within you.

    God continues to leaf me to people, circumstances , challenges to strengthen me and move me closer to Him. I’m always looking for Him and His guidance. Your book is on my path.

  12. Gernise F

    My name is Gernise , I’m from West Palm Beach, Fl.
    Reading some of your post have opened my eyes, and encouraged and pushed me to start truly living for and after God’s heart. I’ve read some of your samples of this book, and felt lead to buy it and learn more.
    I just wanna continue learning and realizing things.

  13. Graciella

    Shalom WoG Dephne, my name is Graciella originally from Burundi living in Toronto, Canada. I’d be blessed to win a free copy because I want to grow more in how God truly sees me. As a 27 year old aspiring to marriage with a baby face and being entrusted by God to be in ministry, it has been really hard to be taken seriously, I still feel low self confidence in the holy calling God has set me apart for. I’ve looked into new ways of dressing to appeal more mature and serious. I want to know how a godly woman should present herself especially the ones called into ministry
    Thank you

  14. Belen Matondo

    Hi! My name is Belén and I from Spain therefore please forgive me if my grammar it’s weird. First of all thank you for obeying God, by you doing that I was able to be minister by God through you so many times.

    It was my birthday the 23 th of July and I don’t know but it was a different birthday. God was showing me his love and it was a reassurance of what it’s coming into my life. I believe than more than EVER I need to be prepare as a woman of God, as a future wife, as a future sister to others. I also want to know about being a christian woman, my role as a wife and how to deal with spirits that I wasn’t even aware of and thanks God know now that they are fighting
    against my destiny.
    I believe that I would be bless by reading your book , I KNOW THERE’S SOMETHING that God want to download to me.

    thank you for being an living in your TRUESELF in Christ.

  15. I see Christ in you! You are similar to me me but a few years further in your Christian faith – by your blessing and discipline through God you have a shown me beauty but humbleness, strength and sensitivity and most importantly have always referred back first to the word of God which is TRUTH. Therefore I know that your book will be content of God’s will and will help me further on my journey of faith. Keep shining your light. Bournemouth UK. X X x

  16. Takunda

    Lol I posted a comment before but forgot to put my location: Harare, Zimbabwe 🇿🇼
    I am 17 years old in a matter of days I’ll be starting university in S.A. After being sheltered all my life soon I’all be exposed to a numerous amount of things. And we know University is almost like a valley in the shadow of death and with the flashy Worldly things that seem to catch our eyes, I need to make sure I have Incorruptible Beauty 😜😜

  17. Ashley

    Thank you for this giveaway. I would like to win a copy so I can give it to my cousin. She is preparing to get married and I believe this will give her more knowledge and insight of how God made marriage, love and also help her identify any thing that could be a stronghold, or soul tie in her relationship and also share this with her fiance. I am located in Wilmington DE USA.

  18. Temi A.

    I’d love to win, I love what is God is doing with you and in your life. I believe this book can also help me grow and mature me in my relationship with God. I want to grow so much but at times I feel very discouraged, is it really supposed to be so hard! It doesn’t make sense this life doesn’t make sense.. though I know God’s ways are higher than mine. His thinking is above my thinking it’s still frustrating at times. .. Anything that can help me as I try to grow will be appreciated. Thanks for the opportunity to win your book.
    I am in Charlotte, NC USA

  19. Marquisha C.

    Hi Dephne! I would love to have a copy of your book because as a incoming college student, I know that there will be many challenges, trials, and temptations that come my way. I feel that this book would equip me and help to guide me on how to deal with those challenges and develop a atrong relationship as a young woman in Christ, and what God may have planned for me during the four years I attend college!

    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to earn a free copy of your book! And I am from North Lauderdale, Florida in the US.

  20. Natalyah Rouse

    Hi, Dephne, I would like a copy of this book because I am growing more in Christ and I believe it would help me very much. I also learn and retain more by reading. I have listened to all of your YouTube videos and always feel so inspired after watching and I know this book will do the same plus more because I can take it everywhere I go and read whenever and wherever I am. Thank you so much. I am from Newark NJ, USA.

  21. Lebogang

    Wow thank you Dephne for this opportunity.

    For the past few years I’ve lived a reckless life by moving from relationship to relationship because i didn’t know my purpose and my worth, but i thank God for changing and saving my life. By getting this book, it will help me get into deeper understanding on why I was created and my role as a woman on this earth. I am currently in the process of deeper training if i can say so, God is training me through his word and prayer because he is about to use me to change the nation especially women and draw souls to his kingdom. This book will be one of the tools i will use through my training process, because i believe that any servant of God should have knowledge and understanding and that is through reading spiritual books and the word of God. And again I will use the knowledge and understanding I’ve gained from the book to share with all those women out there who are still trapped and lost in the darkness.

    Thank you for being a blessing.
    May God Continue to use you.

    South Africa ,CapeTown

  22. Hi sister Dephne,

    My name is Sam from Durban, South Africa and i’m 23 and a Daughter of Go and Christian.

    I would love to receive a copy of your book because I believe in the power of the word of God. It has transformed my life and I know more light from your book would trully bless me.

    At my impressionable age, it is growing hardware harder to have role models who wish to keep all the commandments of God. I would love to read your book and stay on the straight and narrow path.

    Also it would be amazing to read as I have not entered into courtship or anything with a man of that sought. I know that the virtue of a woman is above he price of ruby and I would love to have more insight on how to increase my personal conviction about personal righteousness and my future role as a wife.

    Thank you for your many amazing inspiring words of wisdom.

    God bless and all the best sister Dephne.

  23. I would like a copy of this book because I’ve walk in a lot of foolishness in my life that I am in the process of turning away from. In your different postings on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram you have touch on some of these very areas and I believe your book will assist me as I continue on my journey of corrections.
    Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

  24. Thank you Dephne for a book that speaks directly to our generation, l am inspired by the way you utter the word of God undiluted and without compromise and l have no doubt that this book will impart in me and those l will share it with rare wisdom and knowledge, l pray that it will steer up in me greater hunger for the knowledge of the things of God!!

  25. Faith wambui nganga

    Hey dephne madyara. Am faith wambui from Nairobi Kenya.
    I need this copy because I want to know who I am,I wanna know my purpose on this earth as a woman, I wanna know what i was predestined to become my king.That has been my prayer this year.

  26. Greetings madyara, my name is Miss Peggy Mwaanza from Zambia, Central Africa. I would love to have a copy of incorruptible beauty, so as to become more instruted to the kind of lady i am to be in Christ, i love being taught and you so inspire me, and studying a book written by you, is such a great blessing.


    Hi Dephne Madyara,
    My name is Susan am kindly requesting you to please find it in your heart to find time to make more copies so that everyone could have the knowledge and wisdom that God has blessed you with, so that everyone could have a copy of this great book. Thank you and God Bless you too.

  28. Abigaelle C. Boyer

    I want a copy of your book because I need it in my rich journey of enjoying being a godly women, preparing for my husband in all wisdom, sanctification, joy and sharing. I want the Glory of God be seen in my life and future home (im a happy single for now) . I honour the grace of God in you and I know the wisdom He gives you is for our edification together as the Body of Christ. Thats why I really want a copy of your book. I live in Haiti, but I have my best friend who lives in New Jersey, Usa. Ill go to visit her soon, so it might be easier to send my copy to her, please, she’ll keep it for me. Thank you sis, God abound more blessings over you and keep you safe in Jesus’ Name.

  29. Barbara

    Hi Dephne.

    I am single and was searching the Website on prayers to find a Godly Spouse. I watched your video and enjoyed it so much particulary the emphasis on seeking God first. WHICH I INTEND ON FOCUSING ON FROM TODAY😊. I searched for you on Facebook and read alot of your post and there i saw that you have a book to give away. I would love to have a copy because I know I will get alot out of it.
    Looking forward to reading it .
    # keepbeinganinspiration.

    I live in Africa . In Lusaka a city in Zambia.

  30. Takunda

    Hi Dephne I’m 17 years old and I’ve been following you for 3 years now( the Jesus is you of course).God bless you on your journey as you continue with preaching the word of God and soon to multitudes. Pray for some of us who are starting university still not sure of who they are and what they want from life. I’m getting there though. I’ve heard university is the ultimate valley of the shadow of death….so I need to keep my beauty incorruptable 😉

  31. Shanice Myrick

    Hi, Dephne!
    Thank you for all you allow God to do through you in Christ Jesus.
    I would love to win a free copy, because I cannot afford to buy one at the time. I’ve read your other books Breaking Soul Ties and A Woman’s Body Is A Temple along with the study guide, and they have been very eye-opening and helpful in my spiritual growth. I’ve passed all of the books along to other women in need and plan to do the same with this book if I receive it. May the free copies go to those who need them most according to His will!
    1 Corinthians 4:8

  32. Hi! I would like a copy because I’m broke, yet blessed and highly favoured 😛
    Greetings from Maastricht, the Netherlands!

  33. Shalisa Osby

    I want a copy of this book because I know more then ever I am in a season of complete grow. Unfortunately my finances are not where they need to be to always get the tools God has put that are helpful at a reasonable price. I live in Memphis, TN in the USA. Stumbling across your YouTube channel since last year has been so helpful to my grow looking forward to what else God has to offer.

  34. Vimbai Sasa

    Seven is the number of completion, God created the heavens and earth in their vast array. God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because he rested from the work of creation. I would be blessed to receive a copy as l am blessed by your teachings and l read the sypnosis and was blown away. It was a great desire of mine to read this book, l am currently in a season where l am unemployed but l know this season shall come to end in Jesus name, but as l wait on the Lord l shall read , study and meditate on his word. I hope to write a book one day by his grace, as l used to write but l am inspired by other writers as well. l live in the beautiful city called Milton Keynes, in the county of Buckinghamshire

  35. Nahilet Chávez Perez

    Hi Dephne , i think that one of the main reasons i want the copie of this book it is because every time i read one of you other books or listen to your videos ; I feel how our Lord is talking direct to our heart and your words full of wisdom open my eyes on a spiritual way that makes me be more hungry for the word of God and I want to know HIM more and not just that but my fiancé and I we are reading your books because it been helping us to grow as a couple in Christ and would love to keep reading your books and in Gods will we are planning on counseling other couples when we get married and this books are perfect to first to know what is our propuse and that we can share to other couples that are in bad seasons.
    Thank you for sharing all that Gods wisdom , by using your life

    Av. Virgilio uribe #649 Plaza delfines zona centro local 11
    Ensenada, Baja California Mexico
    Z.C 22830 cel. 6531323180
    Z.C 22800

    I love you sister God bless you

  36. Judy kerubo

    Hi dephne , first of all congratulations on the book..its great seeing a woman of God doing the will of God..i would like to get a copy of the book to gain more knowledge on what it means to beautiful in Gods eyes and how we can use our beauty for the good..

  37. Ejembi Esther

    Hi Dephne, I need this book because I have had a sneek peek at Chapters 1and 2 concerning man and woman respectively and it has enriched my view on we as God’s creations and His predestined roles for us…I want more.
    Ilorin, Nigeria

  38. Kgomotso Mokome

    Growing up I always thought that if I looked just right, developed the right kind of charisma then I will be fulfilled. Because the truth is I had a distorted view of what beauty was. I wasnt used to hearing terms such as; you are beautiful from people. So as time went I desired complements from people based on my outward appearance. A few years down the line I became more confident, I would spend more time in the mirror. Then all of a sudden I was refered to people as that beautiful girl. And I loved it! BUT no one told me that the fulfillment I had been searching for is not there. That the attention I seeked from men would soon prove deadly. I did not know that purpose in GOD is all I needed all along to fill that void. I used to think that when it comes to confidence; I had to fake it till I make it. But GOD recently told me that there is a strong confidence born of GOD that qualifies you for anything in life. Now that was music to my ears.

    That was a true story of a portion of my life. To cut the long story short; I would love to get this book because it will be a great tool for me to understand what beauty is according to the standard of GOD. So that I can tell another young me out there because just as GOD is using you Dephne, He also wants to use me to influence the young girls coming after us in a possitive way.

    So to cut the long story short; I would like to pass the knowledge from your book to others that need it more 🙂

    Kgomotso Mokome
    From South Africa Johhanesburg

  39. Muriel Kalubila

    Hi Dephne. I would love a copy of your book because you inspire me. As a single christian who is growing spiritually, I look forward to all your posts. Having that book would help me be even more prepared for where God is leading me, all round. Kasama, Zambia

  40. Stephanie Deus

    Hello Dephne, my name is Stephanie and I I would like this book because I need a deeper understanding relationships in God eyes. I tend to get confused about them. I know you are a woman of God and you speak Gods truth. I have been following you for about three years and your videos have helped my life tremendously. I know that your book will have great insight that will be very beneficial to my spiritual walk, just like your videos have. That is why I would like this book. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win a copy. With love, Stephanie from Miami, Florida USA

  41. God bless you my unique sister, if I win or don’t win. I clicked on your page for hair and Received much more. You allowed me /us to share in your journey in your spiritual growth of maturity, from hair, beauty, your travel’s, fashion, and most importantly love, etc… Through the Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Thank you it’s been a privilege and an honor to call you my unique sister in the Lord. In Jesus name. And that’s why I would love to win a copy of your book. Congratulations! U.S.A. Philadelphia, pa

  42. Stephanie Deus

    Hello Dephne, my name is Stephanie and I I would like this book because I need a deeper understanding relationships in God eyes. I tend to get confused about them. I know you are a woman of God and you speak Gods truth. I have been following you for about three years and your videos have helped my life tremendously. I know that your book will have great insight that will be very beneficial to my spiritual walk, just like your videos have. That is why I would like this book. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win a copy. With love, Stephanie

  43. Melissa


    I would like a copy of your book because I am in a season in life where I am seeking the Lord on the very topics that the Lord has given you wisdom about in this book. I believe that God spoke to you on the issues you’ve addressed and that this book will open up my eyes to a deeper understanding of God’s design for relationships, marriage, etc. I am from Columbia, South Carolina in the US.

  44. Hi dephene.i would love to read your book…I always look forward to see you videos and listening to the word of God. You have become my mentor and it has helped me to understand the word of God easier and draws me closer to God.i would very much like to read the book and study it . I’m in South Africa

  45. Anne Rasugu

    Hello Dephne,Thank you so much for your obedience.I have been blessed by the YouTube videos.
    I would love to get a copy of the book to gain deeper knowledge and perspective on the subject of womanhood.Would also love to share the knowledge that I gain with others.
    Thank you,God bless you always.

    Anne from Nairobi,Kenya.

  46. Heather Arias

    I would love a copy of your book because I have learned so much from you in watching your videos. My favorite is wisdom Wednesdays. You have helped me to appreciate my feminity more than I ever have. I’ve always been ashamed to be a female. You bring such beauty through your words. I’m in Spokane, WA

  47. also interesting that you choose to give SEVEN away 🙂 also seven is God’s number biblically 🙂

  48. Rosie – Newcastle, Australia
    I really want to read your book because it came out on 17th July and that is a really interesting date to me as biblically 17 means victory and 2017 is year 5777 (on hebrew calendar) and that also means victory and also July is the 7th month of course and the 17th I was meant to start university but I have prayed hard about it and I haven’t felt I have got God’s blessing or that’s what God wants me to do.. so I’m just patiently waiting on His timing and I know what ever happens God will give me victory and guide me and help me know what my role is here, as right now I am really lost as I don’t know what my role is or what God wants me to do. That’s why I would love to read your book. I just know I have to trust in the Lord that He will reveal and guide me in His perfect timing. I always feel your videos are perfectly holy spirit timed for me also. Thank you for your work for the kingdom Dephne.
    Rosie 🙂

  49. Desirae

    I cannot wait to purchase this book!

    God Bless you,

  50. Makeda Russell

    Hi Dephne! Congratulations on your book sis! I would LOVE a copy of this book. I like the issues that you have dealt with in the book, especially on what a woman is and my role on the earth etc. Such wealth of knowledge on the various topics will help me to grow in knowledge and wisdom spiritually, and therefore help me to walk much wiser on the face of this earth, as I become more intimate with my Lord. Also, the topic on the spirits of Jezebel, Delilah and Athaliah sounds quite interesting. I just love the issues you’ve tackled in the book Dephne and would love a copy as a tool for wisdom and spiritual growth. Another reason too, is that, I can say I know the heart from which the words came, having read your sermons on instagram and your videos. I know its from a pure and genuine place and that too encourages me in desiring to feast upon the words in this book. ‘Burnt Savannah, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica West Indies’. God Bless:-)

  51. Amanda Matandirotya

    Hi Dephine, I’ve read the 1st incorruptible beauty and i learnt alot of things from it that changed my life And I would love to read the additional information added into the new one. Cleckheaton , United Kingdom

  52. Hi Dephne,

    For the past few months God has blessed me tremendously through your ministry via YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. It’s no accident that I found out about you. I told you on Instagram that I was looking up African hair threading videos and God led me to your YouTube page and I didn’t even want to click on it at first. But I had a strong unction to do so. I thank God that I did. I could cry even now as I am typing at work thinking about how much God loves me and blessed me to have a sister in Christ who I haven’t met yet in London helping me grow in Christ.

    I apologize for the long intro : ) There’s no doubt in my mind that this book is in due season for my life. I have been going through much lately. I have been pretending like it is not much because I thought my problem was not significant compared to what other people go through. So I felt my problem was not important enough to be dealt with, that it didn’t matter because it is not a life or death situation. It is my long distance relationship with a man I have yet to meet face to face. He is a believer. We have known each other since 2011. And have begun courtship since 2013. We have grown so much spiritually and have learned more about Christ and ourselves. But I want to truly understand God’s will for not only my life and our relationship. I don’t want to make an emotional decision either way. I realize that I idolized him, and I felt horrible when we were not able to communicate because our only form of communication is social media. Whatsapp facebook etc. I read a book year ago called “When God Writes You Love Story” by Eric and Leslie Ludy and it changed my life. I have been saving myself for my husband physically but I’m not sure emotionally. Even if this man is my husband, I still want to save myself for him from him by being obedient to the will of God while we are still single. I want to be secure in Christ so that I can be the woman Christ has called me to be. I desire to trust God and love Him deeper. I also desire to be a blessing to my husband and be the wife God called me to be. In this season of singleness, I want to receive what God has and give what God wants me to give as a single woman. I want to know who I am. God has shown me that I have been walking in pride, jealously, restlessness, fear and anger. I believe that deep down I am hurting and trying to walk in forgiveness with my family and also give love. But how can I give love when I have yet to fully receive it? I want to know God more, and be led by His Holy Spirit. I don’t know anything of what your book is about, I only know the title, but I believe God has something significant and special for me and my loved ones inside. Thank you so much for reading and for your time. God bless you and continue to draw you closer and deeper to His heart.

    36 Oakcreek Lane, Pontiac MI. 48340 United States

  53. Unani Jaylone

    Hi. thank you for this oppurnity, i will love to have a copy of this book to grow more in the knowledge of God, u’ve also inspired me through your videos and post. I am from Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria.

    • Natalyah Rouse

      Hi, Dephne, I would like a copy of this book because I am growing more in Christ and I believe it would help me very much. I also learn and retain more by reading. I have listened to all of your YouTube videos and always feel so inspired after watching and I know this book will do the same plus more because I can take it everywhere I go and read whenever and wherever I am. Thank you so much. I am from Newark NJ, USA.

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