What a privilege to come into His presence with no shame nor worry.
By my heart I utter my deepest words yet I speak not with my mouth.
The King of kings sees the language of the heart, He see the words hidden in my heart. Nothing is hidden from the King of kings.
My eyes pour out tears of praise unto the King, for even my eyes praise Him.
Yes, let everything that has breath praise the LORD!
“O Lord, I only desire You; the Author and Perfector of my faith”, my heart says.
Worthy are You Lord, worthy are You!
“I long to be with You forever and ever; to worship You for eternity in Eternity.”
Holy is the Lord, Holy is His name forever!
“Nothing in this world can compare to You LORD.
O Lord fulfill my desire, when will I see You again?”
Glory to the Lord, Glory to His name forever!

Nothing in this world is worth losing the King of kings, for He alone fulfils the soul. Worship Him all you peoples!


[a moment beholding the glory of the King; Jesus Christ]