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3 Subtle Traits of Pride That Women Can Overlook

3 Subtle Traits of Pride That Women Can Overlook

Pride can creep in slyly and some women can overlook and even nurture it without realising the toxicity it is causing in their lives due to social and economic influences towards women. There are certain traits of pride that a woman can fall for because of how she is wired. It will take humility and godly wisdom to discern pride.

The following are 3 traits of pride that you can begin to assess yourself in, in order to identify and uproot:

Shopping addictions? – Are you addicted to shopping? You buy things even though you don’t need them? Addiction in any form or area is always dangerous regardless of how rich or poor you are. Are you buying clothes, shoes or hair extensions but your fridge is empty and your bills are due? You are not concerned about what goes in your body and where you sleep but more concerned about how you look. Are you constantly shopping but yet you have dependants whom you are neglecting financially e.g. an ill parent in need of financial care or children in need of proper education and/or a daily nutritional diet? This is pride in the form of narcissism.

Are You Self-Centred? – Does the world have to revolve around you? You want everyone to be nice to you and for everyone to like you? It is unrealistic to expect everyone to like you or to agree with you, even God Himself has people who don’t like Him for no reason at all! Ask yourself, why do you need everyone to like you and why is there offence in your heart when someone doesn’t like you? Must you always get what you want no matter what? This also is pride!

Are You Conceited and Selfish? – Do you like to have the last say; do you feel the need to win every disagreement or argument even if it means losing the person? This trait can be very dangerous especially for people in friendships, relationships or marriage. Always wanting to have the last say will cost a relationship’s respect and joy; it will take months and years to rebuild that back. Do you want everyone else to change in order to fit into your needs? People have to go to hell and back for you because you are worth it but this does not necessarily apply to you towards them? Lastly, are you very ambitious and feel threatened by people who may be better than you in one way or the other? You dislike or hate anyone who you perceive to be better than you look-wise, gift-wise, money-wise or intelligence-wise? This was one of king Saul’s many downfalls; he hated David because certain women of Israel spoke more highly of David than him. Don’t allow pride to be your downfall. Celebrate others!

To conclude, if you saw any of these traits working in your life, it may be time to start working on humility and being more responsible. These are issues you need to surrender to the Lord so that He can start working in you. Surrender that pride, that conceit and selfishness. Confess everything to Him today! Yes indeed, confession is the first part of healing, ask Him to forgive you and then ask Him for a gentle heart, a pure heart and a humble heart.

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  1. God bless you! The LORD has certainly equipped you with His wisdom! Hallelujah! What a blessing you are to many. Glory to God, Amen.

    I thank God for you and how you share what He has given you to bless others. Your words are a blessing to me and answers to my prayers in filling what is lacking. God bless you . . .


  2. Yes, these issues are big and subtle as you have pointed out and reveal why it is important to conduct self examination on a regular basis. Yes! LORD, please help to to surrender every area to you and trust YOU in all things. Help me to follow where you lead, for where you take me I am safe and secure. Help me to not focus on others, but on you. Help me to remember to acknowledge you in all my ways and to know that you will direct my path always (Prov. 3:5-6). In the meantime, I will acquaint myself with you and be at peace, thereby good shall come to me. And even if, I am not innocent you will deliver me and be my defense (Job 22). Glory to God, Amen.

  3. Wow so profound. thanks for sharing

  4. Thank you dephne always💟

  5. Allison

    Absolutely wonderful topic! It was right on time and it hit home! Thank you sister Dephne!

  6. Wow! This is really timely. When God wants to make something clear he confirms it. I never did realise how pride can manifest in such hidden forms until today after a revelation I got before reading this . This just confirms it. Thank you Dephne. God bless and much love

  7. Wow. That’s a Powerful and
    Ouch teaching! Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you sis.

  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. Pride is an area that God is working on in my life right now, and I had no idea how steeped/deep it was in my life.


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